More November 17th Illinois Tornado news

The Pekin Daily Times reports that

Thousands of personal items that were carried away by the Nov. 17 tornadoes have landed in the Washington District Library at Five Points Washington.
Volunteers from Living Waters Lutheran Church in Peoria moved the items — most stored in about 130 binders — in a caravan of minivans Friday from the Morton Public Library, where the items were collected, cleaned and catalogued.

Eleven thousand items have been assembled. Five thousand photos, documents and mementos have been reunited with their owners, and six thousand have yet to be claimed.

The full article is here.

More information about this effort, with photos of the lost items, can be found at the library site

There are links to eleven Facebook pages that show the recovered items. They are primarily photographs, often one of the most irreplaceable things destroyed by tornadoes.

Palm Sunday

Today, Palm Sunday 2014, will hopefully not experience the same kind of weather that they had on Palm Sunday in 1920 (March 28th) or 1965 (April 11th-12th).

The outbreak on April 11th and 12th, 1965 was the second deadliest outbreak up to that time, with 271 people killed in the Midwestern states of Iowa, Illinois,Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.
You can read more about it here, here, and here.

Washington, Illinois Still Trying to Recover

Clean-up after tornadoes can take a long time

Last weekend, dozens of Moline High School students spent the day helping some fellow Illinoisans clean up after the November 17th, 2013 tornado that went through Washington, Illinois.

Watch video of their efforts here.

The intense, EF 4 tornado, part of an outbreak that passed through Illinois, Missouri and Indiana, killed three people in Washington and ripped the town apart.

Photos of the damage from the outbreak can be seen here and some video of the tornado and its aftermath can be seen here. Note: some videos have been withdrawn.